PAK is one of the largest electronic components supplier for major consumer electronics companies since 1995.PAK provides serious price adventage and proven quality of its partners which are driven with high volume production for our major customers.Current partners of PAK are leaders in their fields concerning production quantities and Sales amounts, product range, product technology and quality and services.
Amazing Microelectronic Corp. is the first professional ESD solution provider in Taiwan. The management team is led by President Meng-yu Lee who has over 17 years IC design working experience.
Fenfa is a professional manufacture in design,producing and sales for full range of SMD “Power Inductor,Transformers”Major products have over 1,000 types as 56 series.
ROYAL is the RESISTOR SPECIALIST company who is producing resistors for all electronic companies including automotive, Audio,Video, computers, telecommunications, industrial control&medical field.
PTC is the ONE of the leaders in consumer IC design. PTC has wide range of products including Audio,DSP,Encod./Dec, Fan Controller, LCD,LED,OLED,VFD Driver and Remote Cont. ICs.
WALSIN is the 1 of the biggest Ceramic Capacitors, Chip Resistors, Ferrite Chip Beads& Inductors, Hi Freq Inductors & RF Devices, Varistors&SMD Varistors, PTC Resistors, SMD Tantalum capacitor, MLC Chip capacitor, MLC Radial Lead Capacitor, MLC Axial Lead capacitor, ceramic disc capacitor, safety standart recognized ceramic capacitor manufacturer in the market.

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